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Thank you for visiting and wanting to learn more about yoga and holistic living.

And now, a little about me in a few choice words…

Yogini . Yogapreneur . Avid knitter . Bookworm. Hippie Franco-American Mom.

A few choice words can only share a piece of the story but I hope to inspire your yoga novel not all of mine!

Teaching yoga is my happy place. My yoga classes and events are creatively inspired by my love of self-inquiry and creative self-development. I am always inspired to uplift students with sequences inspired by themes around creative self-expression and self-care.

No two yoga classes are ever the same. I take every student that shows up into careful consideration and adapt each sequence to the students’ physical and emotional needs.

I offer instruction and services for those wanting to discover a holistic way to practice yoga which may include chanting, meditation, creative visualization, Reiki and aromatherapy.

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Happy yoga travels to you.

This is YOUR yoga journey – I am but your grateful, humble sherpa.


{The light in me sees and honors the light in you. }

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